Marketing, Zen, Success, Failure, and Letting Go

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As I was preparing to address an audience about my new book Less, a young professional woman, one of the event organizers, asked me how I market my book. I responded that I do two things:

1) Strategize and work my strategy. My strategy includes developing good marketing materials, a public relations plan, blogging and social media strategy, radio and print strategy. Thus far I’ve done about a dozen book readings around the San Francisco Bay Area and about 25 radio and online interviews. The book Less has been reviewed in a variety of places. I’m about to launch a blog tour. I’m writing articles for spiritual magazine and for business magazines. (An article about Less will be featured in the Fall 2009 Tricycle Magazine.) I’ve been working closely with my PR person at my publisher, New World Library. They’ve provided tremendous support. My social media plan includes Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc…


2) I let go of all expectations and comparisons.

She then asked me, “How’s it going? How are you doing with implementing these two activities?”

Without hesitation I answered, “I’m failing miserably at both!”

There’s always the possibility of greater success – Less has been a successful book. My work and life are successful in so many ways. And, as you may have discovered, comparative mind has no end. I was coaching someone yesterday who is an amazingly successful business leader. She is known and admired around the world for her good work. Yet, she shared with me that she thinks about and compares herself to other leaders who are more successful.

So, yes, Less could be more successful. There is so much more I can do to plan, strategize, and work my plan.

There’s always the possibility of more letting go – I practice and teach the art of letting go, of acceptance, of living in the moment. This helps me, in many ways. Teaching this to others has a positive impact on people’s lives. And, of course, I’m aware, over and over, of not letting go – of comparing, of falling short. I notice this as well, and I let go, the best I can.

In thinking about marketing, success, failure, and letting go, I see this is a primary challenge of being a human being; a primary challenge of accomplishing anything and of being engaged and present, of being authentic and happy. We make our best effort – at book marketing, at running our businesses, at living our lives, at taking care of others. We let go, moment by moment. We fail miserably on both counts. We succeed gracefully. We learn, go on, cry, laugh, and let go.

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“But ultimately “success” in our work world and in our life does not rest with the external rewards or achievements. What matters most is how much love and goodness our existence has added to the planet, how effectively we have engaged with the people we cherish most, and how much we have been able to locate our own deep composure right in the midst of the messiness of life.”

– excerpt from Less

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