A zen teacher, an engineer and a Stanford Neuroscientist walk into a room and… they start a world changing organization. This is the simplified story of Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) founders- Marc, Meng and Philippe. Their expertise in mindfulness, business and science are at the core of what SIYLI offers.

SIYLI’s goal is to develop enlightened leaders that integrate mindfulness practice, emotional intelligence competencies, leadership abilities, wisdom and compassion. An enlightened leader demonstrates high achievement drive, wisdom, creativity, compassion, positive influence and team-building skills. Doing good, avoiding harm, helping others, and getting more of the right things done. An enlightened leader knows when to listen and when to act, when to be still and when to move swiftly. An enlightened leader works for the good of others, the team, the organization, society. The end result? Work that is fun, enjoyable and a place to get things done; a place that creates the conditions for world peace.

SIYLI is a nonprofit public benefit corporation founded in 2012. It develops leaders in business, non-profits, education, health care, and government. The SIY program itself was developed at Google by Chade Meng-Tan, Daniel Goleman and Jon Kabat Zinn. Over one thousand Google employees have been through SIY. Marc Lesser serves as CEO and board member of the organization.