The Hero’s Journey

If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’s going to spend its life believing it’s an idiot. – Einstein

We are all heroes on our own journey. Sometimes we forget. Whatever we are doing, however mundane, however meaningful, this moment is unique and cannot be repeated.

We are always in some kind of transition. Writing now for me is a transition. I begin the process, setting out from the known to the unknown. I leave the comfortable world of not saying anything. Now, what to write? Then, at some point this transition will be complete.

The hero’s journey, our hero’s journey is like this. We set forth toward something, leaving the comfort of what we know. At this stage of the journey we need to let go of something. What is it that needs to be let go of for you in your life?

Then we enter the unknown. At this stage we might find some help in the way of guides or allies or mentors. We may encounter difficulties and challenges. We may find our power.

Then, we find our way, for now. Whether we are in the midst of a large life-changing transition or a small change. We open to something new; we find our way home.

Zen practice offers the realization that we are always in transition, and that we are always home. Our journey is to move from anxiety and difficulty to peace and freedom. And, we don’t need to wait; we can find peace and freedom with each step along the way.

What are some of the transitions you find yourself in now?